Intarsia I & II



This is a class for beginners and advanced students. For Intarsia beginners we will focus on basic concepts and  learning to cut and shape small pieces of colorful or otherwise interesting rocks and gluing them together to form intricate scenic and/or geometric patterns.

For students with previous Intarsia class experience or otherwise having substantial experience with Intarsia construction, we will be building on those skills and experience to create more diverse and complex designs. Examples include quilt square patterns, open-space designs, wing patterns, stone-in-stone dots, and simple curve fitting, simple boxes and stone beads. Additionally, we will explore problem solving techniques for working with certain difficult materials and/or situations.

We will be using flat laps and intarsia grinders (not faceting machines). A selection of materials will be available but you are encouraged to bring your own as well. A start-up kit of basic supplies will be provided for a nominal cost. The overall costs for the week will depend upon the amounts and types of material you purchase. Overall costs for the week will be less if you have your own material.

Lab Fee: $25

Est Materials Fee: $20 - $60

Consumables Fee: $15

Prerequisites: Cabs I


Bill Boggs

Bill began attending William Holland School in 1993 and started teaching classes in 1997. He is experienced in lapidary, wirecraft jewelry, and metalsmithing, but his first love has always been finding and grinding rocks. For Bill, intarsia is a way to show off multiple rocks and minerals by combining them into endless combinations of colors and patterns.