Federation Week Classes

June 6-11, 2021


Cabochons II
with Paul Roberts 

In this class emphasis will be put on fancy shapes and composite cabochons (domed and flat intarsia). I begin by introducing the basic machines to be used: trim saw, cabbing machine (Genie or Cab King), Intarsia Grinder, and buffer/polisher. We will be using both standard and more exotic template shapes to achieve spectacular domed cabochons like those preferred by most craftsfolk for wire wrap or inlay setting. Moving on, we will create calibrated stones with angled edges preferred for setting in silver or gold bezels. Diamond Pacific’s “Cab Rest” gadget will establish the initial gentle, uniform angle at the bottom of your cabs for ease of setting.

Prerequisites:   Cab I or Proven Cabbing Abilityr Proven Cabbing Ability 

Lab Fees:           $50

Material Fees:   est. $0 - $100

LT Cast 2.jpg

Silver II -Low-Tech Casting
with Debora Mauser

Low tech casting is a technique of pouring molten silver over organic material.  We will use a combination of casting grains and scrap silver to create unique components to incorporate into your jewelry. After learning a casting technique each morning, students will design and create jewelry each afternoon.  We will do water casting, 3 ways; broom casting, bean, salt and cuttle fish.  Lab fee includes all consumables, 1 ounce of casting grain (more if silver goes down in cost) a bag of cz’s, tube settings, one cabochon and some miscellaneous sterling components.

Prerequisites:   Silver Soldering 

Lab Fees:           $225

Material Fees:   est. $0+


Electro Etching w/Silver Fabrication
with Micah Kirby 

Class will incorporate a design driven approach using and focusing on the technique of Electro Etching. Electro Etching can create interesting textures/patterns for unique design elements in silver jewelry fabrication. Emphasis will be on, two of the Electro Etching masking techniques (paint pen and Laser toner), design and finished goods. Silver I: Electro Etching is beneficial, but not required. Silver I with soldering, is required​

Prerequisites:   Silver I Soldering

Lab Fees:           $150

Material Fees:   est. $100 - $300

IMG_0469 (1).JPG

Flame Painting
with Janet Pace Waiting List Only (Please contact Registrar to sign up)

Copper is a color reactive metal. In this class, we will use a tiny open torch flame to create precise placement of patterns and colors, mastering the color progression caused by changes in flame temperature. No paint or chemicals are involved; only heat. It’s fascinating to watch the different colors develop!​

Prerequisites:   None

Lab Fees:           $50

Material Fees:   est. $50


Metal Mania
  with Cindy Moore

We will explore a number of techniques using a variety of tools including one of my favorites the Rolling Mill and also several specialty tools I designed and created for metalsmithing. Spinner Rings, Air Chased bracelets and earrings, riveting and Wire Weaving are some of the things we will be covering. We will be covering tool and workshop safety. Time permitting, we may add more.

Prerequisites:   Basic Metalsmithing is Helpful

Lab Fees:           $90

Material Fees:   est. $50 - $150


Leather I
with Tom Slavicek

You will have time to make up to 5 to 7 projects depending on size and complexity. Choices for your projects can be from the following: Make a leather shoulder bag or two, learn how to use a wood burning tool to inscribe a design onto the leather and then colorize it, depending on time make a small backpack, a couple of leather belts, wallets, passport wallet, journal, bracelets (with magic braid), belt pouch for your phone, instrument strap, lady’s wallet, clutch purse, and more. All leathers, materials, tools, and instructions are provided, along with templates.

Prerequisites:   None

Lab Fees:           $225

Material Fees:   est. $0 +


  with Bill Boggs

We will be learning to cut and shape small pieces of colorful or otherwise interesting rocks and actually gluing them together to form intricate scenic and/or geometric patterns. This is a basic class. We will be using flat laps and intarsia grinders (not faceting machines). Materials are provided but feel free to bring some of your own if you like.​

Prerequisites:   None

Lab Fees:           $18

Material Fees:   est. $20 - $45


Silver III - Inlay II
with Chuck Bruce Waiting List Only (Please contact Registrar to sign up)

Construct an Inlayed bail & hinged inlay pendant (project 1) with piercing or raised rocks, from that is student choice. We will explore; Raised stone sections, Back Plate Piercing with Design so Inlay shows thru, Back Plate Textured & Roller Printed, Open back with inlayed stone, Extended back plate on sides with stamped/chiseled/granulation/wire work, and Stone or Wood or Wire in Stone/Stone or Wood in Metal/Stone or Wood or Wire in Wood.

Prerequisites:    Previous Silver I Class skills are helpful, but not required.

Lab Fees:            $195

Material Fees:    est. $100 - $300


Gem Trees
 with Jerri Heer

This class will start with the basic skills of gem tree making and graduate to an exploration of multiple styles and advanced designs of truly beautiful and species-specific trees. We will discuss, study and sample a variety of construction methods, as well as how to plan and create our own patterns from nature. Lab fee includes wire, leaf stones, bases and materials to make at least three trees of the student's choice. All instructions, patterns, tools and materials are provided.

Prerequisites:   None

Lab Fees:           $80

Material Fees:   est. $0 - $150

Sample - stone on stone cluster.jpg

Silver II - Cab Alternative w/Bezel
 with Dale Koebnick

Techniques learned in this class will be stone drilling, stone on stone setting, assorted types of bezel setting, prong setting, ‘step bezels’, decorative bezel backs from sheet and wire, making laminated metals, piercing and sawing metal, using a rolling mill, texturing and dapping, thoughtful design content in metal. Your end results will include unique rings and pendants. Lab fee covers printed materials, all consumables such as solder and butane fuel, and use of tools. 


Prerequisites:    Silver I

Lab Fees:            $125

Material Fees:    est. $250