Cabs 1.5



There will be no round, square, oval, or rectangular cabochons produced in this class unless they have beautiful druzies or live edges! You will be asked to use your imagination and be creative. You will work with unique cabbing material such as live edges, druzies, coral, kyanite blades, crinoid stems, beads, and geodes to produce unusual cabochons. You will also work with stabilized material and learn the process of stabilization so you can work with materials you may have been afraid to work with in the past. You will learn techniques to clean druzies and live edges. This will be a fun and informative class. Bring your own materials and I will have materials available at reasonable prices. 

Lab Fee: $50

Est Materials Fee: $0-$75

Prerequisites: Cabochon 1 class or lots of previous experience. 


Rick Marshall - Cabs 1.5

Rick began his foray into jewelry making in 2009 when he and his wife began beading.  In 2011 he took his first silver fabrication class at Maitland Art Center in Florida, followed by classes at William Holland in 2011, 2012, 2018, and channel inlay in 2019.  Rick began cabbing classes at William Holland in 2013 and completed five classes through 2022.  He has taught cabbing in local gem/mineral clubs and at William Holland and Wild Acres Retreat. Rick has a well-equipped lapidary shop at his home where he spends a lot of time improving his craft.  He cabs stones that are then set in silver by Rick or wrapped in wire by his wife and sold at jewelry and rock shows in Florida.  A retired car salesman, Rick and his wife live in Apopka, Florida, where he is president of Wekiva Gem & Mineral Society.  He is also active in the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies (SFMS).