Come be your own “Lord of the Rings.” Learn the ancient art of Chainmaille while creating jewelry using unsoldered links. Basic patterns will be taught using inexpensive copper rings as well as Gold Filled and Argentium if you chose to use them. Several patterns will be taught with Wildacres supplying the basic tools. You will learn why just any old commercial jump rings do not always work in all patterns. Printed handouts will be provided for all patterns. Optivisors or other magnification devises are advised as they can be very helpful in working with the rings. You will have the opportunity to do more advanced and additional patterns as well as working in colors and mixed material rings. No prior experience is necessary but some experience with using flat nosed pliers can be an advantage. The number of projects completed will depend upon the student’s mastery of the rings and prior experience.

Lab Fee:  $5 (to cover cost of printed material)

Estimated Materials Cost:  $25 and up depending on kits selected and materials used

Prerequisites:  None


Jim Hird - Chain Maille

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and went to college in the upper peninsula of Michigan and while there hunted native copper and minerals on the local mine dumps. I have been picking up rocks since the age of 8 and have tried most of the lapidary arts. Most of the ones I have tried at various classes at Wildacres to see if I would like them or not.

About 10 years ago I attended a chain maille class at Wildacres, taught by the late Roger Campbell, and was bitten by the chain maille bug. Since then, I have taught classes at my local club in Charleston, WV, have done demonstrations at several shows, as well as taught at the fall term at the EFMLS Wildacres classes in 2021.