Acid Etching & Enameling 101


Kristi Ross and Stephanie Savic Polk - Acid Etching & Enameling 101

Welcome to Acid Etching and Enameling 101 where you will learn to apply images and color to copper! The class will begin with the basics of acid etching on copper.  Students will learn how to apply a resist to copper and then utilize saltwater electro etching techniques to etch the copper.  From there we will explore adding enamel to your etching, a technique known as Champleve’.  Champleve’ is the process of inlaying enamel into the recessed compartments created by the etching process.  No previous experience is necessary.  

Lab Fee: $200 (all inclusive)

Est. Materials Fee: $0

Prerequisites: None (minimum class of 4)


Kristi Ross and Stephanie Savic Polk

Kristi Ross and Stephanie Savic Polk met in the jewelry studio at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio.  Realizing they shared a love of technique and method caused them to consult one another on their work, form a deep bond of friendship and mutual respect for work ethic. Consultation became collaboration. Ross and Savic Polk feed off each other's use of found objects, artifacts, technique, intellect and humor!