Special Projects



My class has been called by many names throughout the years but has always had the same intent: To make something you are proud of and have fun doing it. This class is “Advanced” in that I would prefer that students have a basic understanding of the craft. After taking one of the excellent beginning classes the Federation offers most people want to learn more but might not be sure what direction to go in. Most have a few unfinished projects in their tool box that need a technique or two in order to finish them. Finishing these pieces or starting something from scratch is where this class comes in.

​I do not tell you what to make. I prefer you to tell me what you want to make and where you are stumped . We cover many processes that will allow students to take their skills to the next level. I attempt to have a creative, relaxed atmosphere and encourage the class to enjoy what they are doing and help each other out.

We can work from pictures, drawings or “ideas” and work in Silver, Gold, Platinum or other metals. Repairs are welcome but talk to me first.

Bring everything you need to accomplish your project . We usually have torches, lights, buffers and Foredom flex shafts. As this is an advanced class you will need your own hand tools and optivisor. I bring some metals and solder but make sure you have what you need!


Lab Fee:  $65

Estimated Materials Cost:  $0

Prerequisites:  Previous Class in Metals


Jeff Sheer - Special Projects

I was born in 1949 and began making Jewelry at age 12. At age 19, I was drafted into the military and trained to be a Medic and a dental technician. After the military I taught dental technology in Washington, DC and continued to make Jewelry in my spare time. In the 1980s I moved to a farm in rural North Carolina and made teeth in a log cabin on my farm. At some point I realized that making Jewelry was more to my liking and opened a Jewelry store on the farm. 17 years ago I moved to Southern Pines, NC and opened a jewelry shop downtown. I am a Gemologist, Appraiser, and do lost wax casting and stone setting. I have been teaching at Wildacres for about 29 years