Cabs I & II




If you want to learn the basic techniques to make cabochons, this class is for you.  You will learn how to choose the material to work with and how best to orient your design to maximize the beauty of your cabochon.  


Beginning with calibrated cabochon designs, the student will learn the techniques to shape, grind, and polish your designs into works of art. After mastering basic skills, you will have the opportunity to work with freeform cabochons as well. There will be plenty of time for individual instruction as well as group discussion.

But, if you are ready to go beyond the basics, we will also include instruction for experienced cabbers. Students should have mastered the basics of standard, templated forms. We will explore composite cabs, double-sided cabochons, hearts, freeform and unusual templated shapes using the standard Genie. There will also be a couple of fun projects!  The instructor will have slabs for sale and students may bring their slabs for their own use.

Lab Fee:  $50

Estimated Materials Cost:  $0-$100

Consumable Fee:  $15

Prerequisites:  Cabs I



John was inspired to become involved in the lapidary world by his wife Judi, also an instructor at William Holland. After several years of accompanying her to the school, he eventually took a class in cabochons and was instantly bitten by the bug. John is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Accounting. He lives In Birmingham where his company supplies nylon webbings, cords, and other components to the textile industry. In addition to cabochons, he enjoys silversmithing and learning other lapidary skills. He makes cabs for his wife to use in her wire wrapping and sells his designs at various rock, gem, and jewelry shows, as well as on Facebook at Wild River Cabochons. He is a member of the Alabama Mineral and Lapidary Society and has served as both President and Vice President. John also makes custom and unique rings from US Silver and foreign coins from size 1 to 16.