Chain Maille

Beginning & Intermediate



Chain Maille is a two thousand-year-old art form originally used to create garments worn for protection by warriors from Europe, the Middle East and the Orient. Modern approaches use these classical patterns of cold-connected jump rings for sculpture and jewelry.


In this class you will learn the basics of how jump rings are made and how to open and close jump rings properly. Jump rings and tools are supplied as part of the cost of the class. The cost will depend on the number of completed projects and what tools are purchased.  You are welcome to bring your own.


The Beginning Class is a great starting point for those wanting to explore the world of chain making.

Projects include:

Tools required: Jeweler’s pliers (flat nose, bent nose, needle nose as preferred).


The Intermediate Student is encouraged to bring their own tools, jump rings, and designs.  The instructor will have additional designs available for your use.  Let the instructor know if you want her to purchase jump rings for the designs she makes available. 

Notes:  I only work with argentium sterling silver.  I use prepurchased jump rings and will have a supply of them in kits for different designs we will be making.  I will also have kits made up for other designs you might be interested in later in the class.  I also will have tools that can be purchased as needed.


Lab Fee:  $25

Estimated Materials Cost:  $200- $300 (depending on number of projects completed)

Prerequisites:  None for beginners


Marilou Hillenbrand - Beg. & Int. Chain Maille

I am a retired accountant who began attending Wildacres close to 25 years ago. I took various classes along the way, but in 2001 I took a chain class and have been hooked ever since.  I took many classes under several instructors, but I took my first class under the late Roy Deere in 2010. Since then I have taken his class almost every year.  I had planned to assist him this year before his untimely death. I'm looking forward to a great, and fun, class.​