Silver I+

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This class will teach Silversmithing (Plus) for beginners and intermediate skill levels with an emphasis on using fabricated stock silver material to make settings for Cabochons to create Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and more. You will learn techniques in: Shaping, Soldering and Polishing. The projects will progressively challenge you as the education level rises, that will involve learning techniques using a saw, soldering, torch/flame control, cabochon setting alternatives. As fun alternative learning projects, We’ll also touch on: silver copper overlay and metal forming.


There will be no Lab fee. Instead, Project materials, supplies and incidentals will all be charged on what you may buy from me. Stock Silver material will be sold at the going rate for silver classes, at $2 gram.


My classes are super fun and inviting, and intended to teach you the basics. For those that know a thing or two, prepare to be challenged! I am comfortable teaching mixed level students and maintaining a balance of learning, fun and releasing stress and tension. Students are encouraged to bring their own materials and supplies. Some want quality, some want quantity. Expect to create between 5 and 20 items (depending on your aptitude and what you want to gain from your experience).

Lab Fee:  $0

Estimated Materials Cost:  $100-$300

Prerequisites:  None (but a desire to learn and have fun)



Jason Hamilton 

I started collecting rocks and fossils since I was in diapers. I claim my artistic abilities come from both parents. Still have a full time job, but manage to spend as much time with my local club teaching. Excelled at silversmithing, cabbing, faceting and loved filigree and inlay. Studied at Jacksonville club, and William Holland from the greats for the past 20 years, and taught for the past 17 years. I have a passion of sharing what I've learned and encourage all clubs to do the same to keep the lapidary arts alive. I gauge the success of my classes from the amount of fun my students have.