Stone on Stone




Learn to make your cabochons pop! Students will learn several methods to manipulate cabochons using a flex-shaft and common bench tools. Cab enhancements include “carving” or etching the backs of cabochons, and inlaying carvings with 23k gold leaf and fine silver. Also includes making doublets with puau shell sheeting and carving into the doublets for gold and silver inlay. Students will also learn to drill/carve the tops of cabochons in order to insert faceted stones or cabs (stone “in” stone). Instruction for tube setting faceted stones is also provided. Practice cabs, faceted stones, gold and silver leaf, and puau shell sheet is provided as part of the class tools/supplies. A steady hand for highly detailed work is required. Experience with cabbing and/or silversmithing is also helpful. Learn methods to set your work apart with these unique enhancement techniques!

Lab Fee:  $150

Estimated Materials Cost:  $0

Consumable Fee:  $15

Prerequisites:  Cabochons I or experience with cab machines is required. Some silversmithing experience is recommended, but not required. However, a steady hand and good eye for highly detailed work is required. 



Michael has served as a professional environmental engineer for the past 35 years. He started cabbing in 1974 and has had life-long passion for rockhounding and cutting stones. He began silversmithing in 1975 and worked in jewelry part-time during his professional career. Since retirement in 2018, he has worked full-time in the lapidary/jewelry arts, showing his work in art shows and in two art galleries, and winning best of show (emerging artist category) in 2021 at the Ocala Art Festival. Michael also has a bachelor’s degree in zoology and strives to work flora and fauna into his designs. He is constantly seeking ways to create unique and one-of-a-kind designs in stone cutting and silver/gold settings. He works in his studio in Tallahassee, Florida.