Federation Week Classes

William Holland Federation Week 2020

June 7 - 12, 2020 

  with Bill Harr

This class will teach silver casting for beginner and intermediate silversmithing. The emphasis will be on production centrifugal casting, meaning techniques for high reliability. The class will teach centrifugal and vacuum casting, wax modeling, sprueing, investing, burnout, casting, finishing and polishing, rubber mold making and wax injection.

Prerequisites:   None

Lab Fees:           $100

Material Fees:   est. $100- $wow


  with Chuck Bruce

In this class, students will learn how to coil, form, cut and fuse/solder fine or sterling silver rings, to make loops, then form and weave the loops to make simple and complex chains. We will explore 4 different patterns - Roman Fold- over, Single Fold-over(Foxtail), Double Fold-over (Foxtail) and Sailors Knot, students should be able finish a bracelet and pair of earrings in each.

Prerequisites:    Previous Silver I Class skills are helpful, but not required.

Lab Fees:            $150

Material Fees:    est. $100 - $300

Silver II - Fused
   with Dale Koebnick

Metal techniques learned in this class will include fusing silver on silver, gold on fine silver (keum-boo technique), and fusing copper and/or brass on silver. Students will use sheet, scrap and 23.5k keum boo gold to create fused sheets to be made into jewelry and jewelry components.


Prerequisites:    Silver I

Lab Fees:            $100

Material Fees:    est. $250

Metal Manipulation/Cold Connections
   with Debora Mauser

Take your jewelry creations to a new level with cold connections including riveting, tab setting and layered rivets. This class will also teach several ways to manipulate metal. We will use colored pencils, different patinas, and etching. We will color titanium by anodizing and torch as well as use a hydraulic press to form a dimension piece of copper.


Prerequisites:    none

Lab Fees:            $180

Material Fees:    Included in Class Fee

Wire II - Bracelets Only
   with Gene Sheridan

This class will be making Bracelets only. We will make bracelets using pattern wire, half round wire, square wire, twisted square wire, and round wire that is twisted together and then is flattened by running it through a rolling mill.


Prerequisites:    Wire I with about 6 months of practice at home.

Lab Fees:            $40

Material Fees:    est. $300 - $400

Silver-Wear I and II
   with Jan and Keith Stephens

Combination Silver-Wear I and Silver-Wear II for those who have taken Silver-Wear I and are ready to move on.  In Silver-Wear I, students will recycle vintage Silver plated flatware into beautiful Silver-Wear jewelry.  For Silver-Wear II, building on the skills learned in Silver-Wear I, this class will take the student further in creative design and embellishment including shaping, stone capturing, and other artful enhancements.


Prerequisites:    Silver-Wear I: none   |   Silver-Wear II: Silver-Wear I

Lab Fees:            $225

Material Fees:    est. $0+

Electro Etching / Wood Inlay
   with Micah Kirby

Class will combine two techniques of Electro Etching and Wood Inlay to bring beautiful and unique design elements to Inlay jewelry.

Prerequisites:    Intermediate Solder Level

Lab Fees:            $175

Material Fees:    est. $0

Silver I
   with Vickie Prillaman

This class will cover the proper use of basic tools and some of the alternative tools used in making jewelry. Students will learn to solder using an acetylene torch, how to saw, file, and polish properly, just to cover a few of the things we will be discussing and practicing.


Prerequisites:    None

Lab Fees:            $120

Material Fees:    est. $180 - $250

Cabochons I
   with Paul Roberts

All the basic techniques for trimming a slab into a preform, then grinding and shaping, sanding and polishing that preform until you have a sparkling cabochon ready for mounting will be discussed and/or demonstrated.  Safety issues, machine maintenance, sealing and stabilizing fractured or pitted stones will be covered as well as dealing with toxic material.

Prerequisites:    None

Lab Fees:            $35

Material Fees:    est. $0 - $100

Opals II - Carving
   with Cheryl Kasper

Combination of Opals 2 & 3, this class will focus on the unique characteristics of opal rough from Lightning Ridge, Australia and introduce you to carving this wonderful stone.  Class fee will include practice carving material, as well as a student guide and all supplies needed for class.  Students will use the instructor’s equipment.  Higher grade opal rough will be available for purchase.

Prerequisites:    Opals 1

Lab Fees:            $100

Material Fees:    est. $100 - $300 (optional)

   with Dot Kasper

In this class we will be working with natural gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, crystal and other glass beads accented with sterling silver, 14k gold filled, copper, pewter, and other metals and materials. We will learn the basics of bead stringing  including knotting between beads using silk thread, different methods of closure  and also stringing necklaces with flexible wire and crimps.

Prerequisites:    none

Lab Fees:            $0

Material Fees:    est. $100 - $200

Questions: Contact the William Holland or Wildacres Registrar

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