Wire II - Bracelets



This class focuses solely on bracelets. We will make bracelets using sterling silver and gold-filled pattern, half round, square, twisted square and round wire twisted together and flattened on a rolling mill. We will use beads and crystals in some projects, and cabochons and sculpted cameos in others, We will be using 18, 20, 21, and 22GA square wire, both half-hard and dead-soft; 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20GA half-round, half hard wire; and 14 and 16GA round, dead-soft wire. We will use more 20GA square, dead-soft and half-hard wire and 16GA round wire than anything else. We will use lots of 18GA half-round half-hard for wrapping. Amount of wire needed will vary by how many bracelets you plan to make. Most students make around 12, but one student completed 37 during the week. Students should bring their own tools, an OptiVISOR, or other style of magnifier. If you do not have your own supplies, materials cost will depend on purchases. You should go home with $600 to $700 or more of jewelry to sell, plus the knowledge to make more. The instructor will have wire and supplies if needed. Lab fee covers three DVDS (Interchangeable Cabochons Pendants Vol. I & II, Interchangeable Bead Pendant Vol. I) and one CD (includes about seventy-five formational files and tutorials). 

Lab Fee:  $40

Estimated Material Cost, If You Don’t Have The Wire You Need:  $300-$400 

Prerequisite:  Wire I or about six months of independent practice.



Gene started making jewelry as a hobby in 2003. He attended William Holland School of Lapidary Arts and took Wire 2 under Lisa Roberts, Precious Metal Clay under Mary Ann & Ken Devos, Silver 1 under Dan Haga, Silver 1 under Don & Ann Monroe, Cabochons under Diane Brooks, and Rings, Rings, Rings under Ruth Ann Moore. He continued his work with wire and in 2005 was a victim of hurricane Katrina. He moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi in 2006 where he took a position as a Jewelry Wire Artist and Designer for a major company. Shortly after that the company closed its business in Vicksburg and moved to Missouri. Gene did not want to go that far north (Too Cold) so he retired and moved to Decatur, Alabama where he has a brother. Gene made three instructional DVD’s titled, “Interchangeable Cabochon Pendants Volume 1 and 2 and Interchangeable Bead Pendants Volume 1 which are his designs and creations.  Gene has been teaching at the William Holland School of Lapidary Arts since June 15th 2008.