Silver III - Channel Inlay



Channel Inlay combines a soldered silver grid with carefully fitted, shaped pieces of stone. Students will fabricate a silver grid of their own design or use provided patterns to create pins, pendants, bolo ties, or belt buckles. Stones of similar hardness will be used in the projects. Combining silver and lapidary techniques makes this a challenging class. Lapidary skills are helpful but not required. Students should bring their own silver tools and assortment of slabs. OptiVISOR or other magnification is strongly recommended. Lab fee covers a solder brick. Solder, flux, stamp pad, epoxy, an extra-long solder pick, handouts and patterns. Silver and slabs will be available for purchase. If you have any questions about the course, you can contact David at:

 Lab Fee: $125

Est Materials Fee: $25 - $175

Consumables Fee: $15

Prerequisites: Silver I and Silver II


David Wayment

David began his artistic life behind a camera before adding other media to his repertoire. He has taught metalsmithing, stained glass, fused glass and wirework at his store for over fourteen years. David has studied silver under Ann and Don Monroe, Dan Haga, Jim Richardson, Alan Jewell and Jeff Sheer at SFMS workshops at both Wild Acres and William Holland. He taught Precious Metal Clay at William Holland for the SFMS. David enjoys teaching technique classes for trouble-shooting student’s problems in class and combining lapidary with silver in channel inlay pieces.