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In this weeklong class, students will be introduced to the amazing world of Fine Silver (.999FS) metal clay and its multitude of uses in the jewelry world. If you can use a roller, a mold, or a cookie cutter, you can create beautiful pieces of heirloom quality jewelry that you can wear with pride and pass on to the next generation. This is a fun class where you will have lots of inspirational materials to choose from and lots of one-on-one coaching to guarantee success. Class size is limited to allow the instructor to give lots of individual attention. No previous experience is required, but if you have done some metal clay in the past and want to resume or improve your skills, this class is for you!


This class will be creating several pairs of unique earrings, a couple of pendants, a “story” necklace, and, if time allows, perhaps a simple ring. We will be playing with natural elements such as leaves, bark, woodgrain, and berries to add texture to our pieces. Additional items can be created if time allows. Students will learn skills of creating embellishments from molds, setting small fireable gemstones, making bails for pendants, and designing pendants that include all the above. All supplies needed for these projects are included in the class fee. Additional materials can be purchased from the instructor if desired.


Bring your spirit of adventure and fun - and some reading glasses or optivisor to help with the close work.

Lab Fee: $50 to cover expendable supplies and use of instructor’s student tool kits and tons of other materials and equipment (textures, molds, templates, cutters, etc.), and firing of student projects.

Estimated Materials Cost:  $300 includes 70 grams of Fine Silver metal clay, 5 fireable gemstones, 3 pair of Sterling Silver ear wires, a black cord for the “Story” necklace, other miscellaneous supplies needed to complete the projects, a container for your class kit, and instructional handouts.


Prerequisites:  None


Susan Brooks - Metal Clay 

The creative arts have been a passion for me for as long as I can remember and have often been my “ticket to sanity”. Whether through basketry, weaving, gourd art or jewelry making, I could always find some peace and pleasure. Around 2010, I discovered the world of metal clay and became “hooked” immediately. The possibilities of adding textures and gemstones to jewelry is very exciting and seems a natural way to create pieces that express one’s unique personality and individual style. I became certified in all 3 levels of PMC in the summer of 2012 with Mary Ann Devos, one of the first generation metal clay artists in this country, through the William Holland School for Lapidary Arts. I later acquired certifications in Metal Clay (both silver and base metals) through Aussie Metal Clay, and in base metals through Clay Revolution. I have taken online classes with Holly Gage and Rodi Frunze, both celebrated artists in the field of metal clay. Currently I enjoy taking various classes with local and national artists to keep current in the field... and nourish my passion for metal clay.

My family history is rooted in the mountains of North Carolina and it is a blessing to have retired here, with its rich diversity of plant and animal life. Nature continues to be a major inspiration for themes of my work, thus my art business name is “Earthly Treasures”. I love to use insects, blossoms, leaves, and small animals as embellishments to my pieces and feel that the dragonfly is becoming my “totem bug”, appearing more and more frequently in my work. I love to use things that have symbolism - such as the dragonfly symbolizing growth, change, and wisdom, ginkgo leaves symbolizing longevity, butterflies symbolizing new life, and various gemstones having special healing properties with their unique energies