Low-Tech Casting



Low tech casting is a technique of pouring molten silver over organic material. We will use a combination of casting grains and scrap silver to create unique components to incorporate into your jewelry. After learning a casting technique each morning, students will design and create jewelry each afternoon. We will do water casting, 3 ways; broom casting, bean, salt and cuttle fish. Lab fee includes all consumables, 1 ounce of casting grain (more if silver goes down in cost) a bag of cz’s, tube settings, one cabochon and some miscellaneous sterling components. Students should bring sterling and/or fine silver scrap or casting grain as well as wire/sheet/solder to work with. I will have a selection available to purchase. Students should be comfortable with a torch and have basic soldering knowledge

Lab Fee: $225

Est Materials Fee: $0+

Prerequisites: Silver I

Limit of students 6


Debora Mauser

Debora Mauser is a self-taught jewelry artist working in mixed metals, stones and enamel. She is a nationally known instructor teaching at large venues, shows and bead stores as well as schools on the east coast. You can find her work in magazines like Step by Step Wire; Craft, Paper, Scissors; Enameling by F&W publishing, as well as online video and classes with Craftsy and Craftcast. Debora’s classes are low key, but packed with techniques and information. She loves to support her students and their designs with creative options in each class.