Cabs 2




Want to take your stones to a higher level? Then CABOCHONS ON STEROIDS is for you! This class is open to students who have already have taken cabochons 1 from any William Holland instructor and feel that they are proficient in making cabochons properly. In this class, you can forget the same old 30x40 bolo tie stones that can be very boring. We will do freeform and special designs from my own template book. We will explore cutting stones with live edges for one of a kind creations. We will learn how to enhance and clean druzy crystals. We will make cabochons out of stones which in the past may have just been considered for mineral specimens. Stabilization of stones using epoxy and vacuum treatments will be taught. We will discuss the lore and history of many gemstones. As in my regular classes all stones will be taken to 100,000 polish. As a bonus you will be given a beautiful finished cabochon then you will recut it into a new shape or shapes. Maybe you liked the stone but decided to make it into two smaller earring stones or just a more creative shape. Hopefully, you will learn what “ letting the stone tell you what it wants be" when you pick up a slab rather than just start marking a shape. Most importantly as in all my classes, I want my students to have FUN and make new friends during this productive week. P.S. We don’t do hearts and crosses. Just wonderful new and exciting one of a kind pieces of your own art. Feel free to bring your own slabs or I will have a wide selection available to purchase at reasonable prices. 

Lab Fee:  $35

Estimated Materials Cost:  $0-$30

Consumable Fee:  $15

Prerequisites:  Cabochons 1 or proven cabbing ability



Jack lives in Cornelius NC. Since the age of twelve, Jack has been a rockhound, spending every available weekend climbing the hills around Spruce Pine and Franklin, NC. His dad made his first tumbler out of a 55-gallon steel drum. His first gem-cutting machine was a B&I Gem Maker from Sears. Jack has attended classes at Wildacres and William Holland, as well as having been a private student of Sarah Lee Boyce for years. Although his primary passion is cutting picture jaspers, stones with inclusions and druzy stones, he loves cutting any material into cabochons. He prefers to cut freeform stones that his wife, Katy, wire wraps. Jack started teaching for William Holland in 2008.