Cabs II


PAUL ROBERTS - CABOCHONS 2 (Waiting List Only! Call for Class Availability)

In this class emphasis will be put on fancy shapes and composite cabochons (domed and flat intarsia). I begin by introducing the basic machines to be used: trim saw, cabbing machine (Genie or Cab King), Intarsia Grinder, and buffer/polisher. We will be using both standard and more exotic template shapes to achieve spectacular domed cabochons like those preferred by most craftsfolk for wire wrap or inlay setting. Moving on, we will create calibrated stones with angled edges preferred for setting in silver or gold bezels. Diamond Pacific’s “Cab Rest” gadget will establish the initial gentle, uniform angle at the bottom of your cabs for ease of setting.

At midweek (usually Wednesday morning) I will demonstrate techniques for assembling and cutting composite-cabochons/intarsias. These may be as simple or complex as a student’s prior experience may allow. You may have time to experiment, too, using the instructor’s carving wheels, his jewelry grooving bit, and or his ring saw.

Attention will be given to the special characteristics of different cutting materials and the techniques/approaches that are appropriate for each. Several methods for stabilizing thin or fractured material will be presented and/or demonstrated. Toward the end of the week there will be an opportunity for students to experiment with the Instructor’s carving wheels, grooving bit, and ring saw to create even more unusual forms.

Emphasis will be laid on quality, not quantity; thus, the number of finished cabochons an individual student may produce is expected to vary widely. Paul will give general instruction at the beginning of each day or work session but will also work with individuals as needed. Daily cleaning of one’s workspace and a thorough Friday afternoon cleaning of the classroom by all students is required. The class fee will provide students with a variety of small starter slabs, an original manual of instruction, and other materials for the class. Additional slabs will be available for purchase, or students may bring their own (3/8” or less in thickness and no chunks to be slabbed).

Lab Fee: $50

Estimated Materials Cost: $0-100

Consumable Fee: $15

Prerequisites: Cabochons 1 or proven cabbing ability

Register: Waiting List Only! Call for Class Availability



Paul has been a “rock fan” since boyhood, although his serious cabbing did not begin until retirement nineteen years ago. His work in cabochons has been inspired by many of William Holland’s masters through various (and repeated) courses in cabochons, opals, intarsia, channel inlay, etc. At William Holland he has taught Silver 1 and numerous classes in Cabochons (1, 1.5, and 2. In Dahlonega he has taught classes in wire-wrap, chain, and basketry. His finished pieces are currently displayed and sold primarily through the Bleu Gallery in Dahlonega, GA. He also takes special commissions from time to time. Eager to share his joy of working with stone, Paul has taught at William Holland for more than fifteen years.