Silver II Filigree


JASON HAMILTON - Silver II Filigree

Class is designed to introduce and explore the history and origins of filigree and how its changed through time. Then we'll explore where students would like to take it next. Students will make filigree wire and incorporate it into a piece of jewelry of their choice. Once we've determined a students skill and comfort level, we'll build on their abilities and desires, with challenging projects to help bring their visions to reality. There will be several projects provided and many others available. My classes are never dull and packed with high learning and a heaping portion of fun and levity. Kit Cost will be about $75+ and will have everything you'll need.

Lab Fee: $75

Estimated Materials Cost: $0 - $100

Prerequisites: Silver I


Jason Hamilton - TBA

I started collecting rocks and fossils since I was in diapers. I claim my artistic abilities come from both parents. Still have a full time job, but manage to spend as much time with my local club teaching. Excelled at silversmithing, cabbing, faceting and loved filigree and inlay. Studied at Jacksonville club, and William Holland from the greats for the past 20 years, and taught for the past 17 years. I have a passion of sharing what I've learned and encourage all clubs to do the same to keep the lapidary arts alive. I gauge the success of my classes from the amount of fun my students have.