Inlay Knives



Students will inlay 2 small Texas Toothpick knives (Project 1 & 2) and student choice after.   Most if not all tools will be provided.  Students need to bring slabs of rock that are similar hardness and can be combined for inlay and about 1/4inch thick.  3/8 inch can be used, same as 5/8 inch.  Pattern stones do very well with plain colored stone.  Expect waste rock.  Students can also inlay with wood, fossil ivory, bone, Fordite.  Students are welcome to bring knives to inlay, will have knives for sale (working with varied suppliers), and will have some from USA, China & Pakistan.  I might have some limited stone for sale, but students really need to bring their own, though I know a couple of  people attending that will have stone for sale. 

Lab Fee:  $195.00   Includes Knives for Project 1 & 2, all banding silver, scribe, 2 part epoxy glues for inlay, pigment dies & micro powder & charcoal to tint 2 part epoxy, stabilizer glues, 3M unitized wheel on dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Does include some banding stones and wood. 

Estimate Material Cost:  lab fee includes 1st 2 projects, other materials plan on $100 to $300 depending on additional knives chosen. 

Lab Fee: $195 

Est Materials Fee: $100-$300

Prerequisites: Cabochons (Calibration and Shapes)


Chuck Bruce - Inlay Knives

With a background in interior design and fashion merchandising, Chuck turned his passion to jewelry. He is faculty at various schools across the county, a regional artist for 16 years and is knowledgeable in cabochons, advanced chain making, chasing & repousse, cold connections, design, fold forming, gold, granulation, lost wax casting, mokumegane, opals, inlay, intarsia, silver I & II, spool knitting and steel tools.