2021 SFMS Workshop Registration

To enroll in classes for the 2021 Federation weeks, there are 2 steps to perform.  First, we need your information entered into the 2021 SFMS Registration Form.  Second, we will need to get a deposit or full payment of the class fees for each student.

For more information on Costs, please go to the "Class Costs" page. 

Step 1: Registration Form

There are several options for the registration form.


  • Option 1: Download and Email

You can download the interactive form below to fill out on your computer and email back to the registrar listed below.

  • Option 2: Download and Mail

You can download the Registration form by clicking the Icon below and fill out the form to be mailed back in.

  • Option 3: Request a form to be sent to you

If you would prefer a paper Registration form be sent to you, please email or call the registrar listed below for the location you want to take classes.  We will be happy to mail you a form to fill out and send back in.

Step 2: Payment


There is a minimum, non-refundable deposit for each person and each class of $50, with with several options for payment.

  • Option 1: Pay deposit only online (via PayPal)

You can open the "Pay Deposit" page to allow payment of the deposit only online.

  • Option 2: Request an online PayPal invoice

You can request a PayPal invoice to be sent to you for the deposit or for the full** amount owed for the classes requested.

(**There is a 3% convenience fee for all payments for classes above the $50 deposit.)

  • Option 3: Send payment in with Registration Form

If you would prefer to send a check with your Registration Form, feel free to send a check for the deposit or the full amount owed to the registrar listed below for the location you want to take classes.

All checks are to be made out to: SFMS WORKSHOPS

Note: Please pay any unpaid balances beyond the required deposit for each class 30 days before the start of the class.


Please reach out to the Registrar for the location you would like to attend if you have any questions, or would like to check on the availability of classes.

William Holland Registrar


Cindy Reed





Wildacres Registrar


Claudia Erwin