Wildacres Class

Special Projects | with Jeff Sheer

8/23/2021 - 8/29/2021


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My class has been called by many names throughout the years but has always had the same intent: To make something you are proud of and have fun doing it. This class is “Advanced” in that I would prefer that students have a basic understanding of the craft. After taking one of the excellent beginning classes the Federation offers, most people want to learn more but might not be sure what direction to go in. Most have a few unfinished projects in their tool box that need a technique or two in order to finish them. Finishing these pieces or starting something from scratch is where this class comes in.

Full Class fee:            $425/person Double | $585/person Single | $250 Day Student


Deposit:                     $50

Deposit:                     $50



Prerequisites:             None

Lab Fee:                     $65

Materials Fee:             Est. $0

Special Projects | with Jeff Sheer (WA1 - 8/23-8/29)

SKU: WA1 2021 Spec. Proj.