Wildacres Class

Electro Etching | with Micah Kirby

9/13/2021 - 9/19/2021


Short Class Description (see Class pages for full description)

Class will incorporate a design driven approach using and focusing on the technique of Electro Etching. Electro Etching can create interesting textures/patterns for unique design elements in silver jewelry fabrication. Emphasis will be on, two of the Electro Etching masking techniques (paint pen and Laser toner), design and finished goods. Silver I: Electro Etching is beneficial, but not required. Silver I with soldering, is required​


Full Class fee:            $425/person Double | $585/person Single | $250 Day Student | $375/$575 Campers 

Deposit:                     $50



Prerequisites:             Silver I Soldering

Lab Fee:                     $150

Materials Fee:             Est. $100 - $300

Electro Etching w/Silver Fabrication with Micah Kirby (WA2 2021 - 9/13 -9/19)

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