Wildacres Class

Casting | with Bill Harr

8/23/2021 - 8/29/2021


Short Class Description (see Class pages for full description)

This class will teach silver casting for beginner and intermediate silversmithing.  The emphasis will be on production centrifugal casting, meaning techniques for high reliability.  The class will teach centrifugal and vacuum casting, wax modeling, sprueing, investing, burnout, casting, finishing and polishing, rubber mold making and wax injection.  Steam casting will be covered if there is interest.  Waxes will be available, and students will learn to inject their own.  We will not spend much time on wax model making, but students will have that opportunity.  Students will learn to make cast silver embellishments for their silversmith pieces.  Students may bring items they wish to make molds of..

Full Class fee:            $425/person Double | $585/person Single | $250 Day Student | $375/$575 Campers 

Deposit:                     $50



Prerequisites:             None

Lab Fee:                     $100

Materials Fee:             Est. $100 - $Wow

Casting | with Bill Harr (WA 2021 - 8/23 - 8/29)

SKU: WA1 2021 Casting