Silver II - Hydraulic Press

with Vickie Prilliman

at William Holland

Class Description

This class will demonstrate new ways to make jewelry or art objects using a hydraulic press and a 20 ton hydraulic jack. We will use urethane rubber pads, matrix dies, embossing dies and blanking dies to make pieces to combine into jewelry or art projects. Blanking dies cut the metal, matrix dies puff the metal and embossing dies make an impression in the metal as a repousse.


This class will cover how to make a blanking die so you can make duplicate layouts, sawing of the tool steel and use of the hydraulic press. We will create matrix and embossing dies using proper design layouts. We will practice using them alone and/or together to make jewelry or art projects. Copper will be used for our sample pieces. Extra copper,silver, brass, plexiglass and tool steel will be available for purchase. Special tools are required for this class.

I will provide a tools list to registered students and it will be YOUR responsibility to purchase these before the class. Please call me with any questions (770)265-7879. I will also provide a basic tools list so you will be prepared to attend class and learn this technique. The approximate cost of the tools required for this class is $190.00. The lab fee will include flux, solder, the consumable items and the plexiglass to make 1 matrix die, 1 embossing die and the copper to make at least 2 examples.


Sawing skills a must! Otherwise just the desire to try something new!

Lab Fee


Material Costs

Est. $50 - and up

Questions: Contact the William Holland or Wildacres Registrar

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