Seed Beading

with Gail Deluca

at Wildacres August

Class Description


Seed Bead Weaving and Bead Embroidery for Anyone!


Would you love to spend a week just stitching seed beads?  Do you have a beautiful cabochon you have created and want a unique way to show it off?  OR, maybe even a little rock you found on a field trip or an unusual item you picked up at a previous Wildacres auction. Maybe you have a project you have started on and want to spend time finishing.  


If you haven’t tried bead weaving before, Gail is a patient and thorough teacher and will lead you to completing successful projects, and maybe even get you hooked on a new hobby. 


Gail’s 2020 SFMS class will be open to anyone interested in learning to do off loom bead weaving or embroidery, and Gail will lead you if you’re a beginner or beyond.

Class fee will be $30, but students will need to either provide or purchase supplies.  Gail will have PLENTY of supplies, kits and tutorials to shop from, but students are welcome to bring their own supplies.  For those of you who have given this a try before and gotten stuck, projects in progress are welcome.  

Seed bead stitching is well suited to those who enjoy quiet and repetitive projects.  Students will work at their own pace.  Gail will offer projects and techniques for beginner to advanced.  


You can plan on spending an additional $0 (if you bring your own supplies) up to $100 - $200 on kits and supplies.


What to Expect

Each person will work on their own projects at their own pace.  Bead weaving is a skill that takes time to learn, is repetitive and can be either something where you follow a pattern, or more of a freeform approach depending on which projects suit your personality.  Beading around objects is more of a problem solving approach. But, you get to decide what you want to work on and Gail will be there, helping you over the rough spots.   


What to Bring

  • Lighting - bring your own task light, and extension cord if you have it.  I will be requesting use of the ones at Wildacres, but this it won’t hurt to have a backup in case they run out.  

  • Vision - reading glasses, magnifiers, Optivisor etc.  

  • Your favorite notions - thread, needles, work surface.  If you’re new to this, I will have these available for purchase. 

  • If you’re bringing a project in progress, be sure to bring your instructions.


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Lab Fee


Material Costs

Est. $0 - $200