with Ruth Prince

at Wildacres August

Class Description

Enamels are basically finely ground glass that bonds with metal when heat is applied. This week we will be doing not only traditional kiln firing, but also free-wheeling torch firing. We will work with pre-cut copper shapes or design our own from sheet copper. During the week, you will explore different ways of applying enamel to create designs, including sifting, wet packing, sgraffito, and stencils. We will mainly use colorful opaque enamels, but you will learn about transparent enamels also. If interested, you can try out some more experimental materials - liquid and acrylic enamels, decals, graphite drawing on enamel and added inclusions in the enamel. No experience is required, we will start from ground zero and you’ll soon be turning out beautiful pieces. If you have worked with enamels before, you are welcome to join the class to further hone your skills and perhaps learn some new techniques. The instructor will furnish all equipment and materials.






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