Jeff Sheer

Instructor for Special Projects Class

at Wildacres August

Jeff Sheer.jpg



I was born in 1949 and began making Jewelry at age 12. At age 19, I was drafted into the military and trained to be a Medic and a dental technician. After the military I taught dental technology in Washington, DC and continued to make Jewelry in my spare time. In the 1980s I moved to a farm in rural North Carolina and made teeth in a log cabin on my farm. At some point I realized that making Jewelry was more to my liking and opened a Jewelry store on the farm. 17 years ago I moved to Southern Pines, NC and opened a jewelry shop downtown. I am a Gemologist, Appraiser, and do lost wax casting and stone setting. I have been teaching at Wildacres for about 22 years